Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness Coaching program can help you manage your health and fitness and keep your body performing without pain. We initiate the program with a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health focusing on the quality and quantity of how your body functions.
seniorwellnessThis includes posture, strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and vital fitness markers (blood pressure, BMI, etc.). Combining this information with your personal goals discussed during the evaluation, we develop a customized program focused on improving your overall health and fitness level. This may include mild to moderate weight loss, a customized exercise and activity routine, nutritional counseling, conditions review (diabetes, cardiac, etc.), and risk factor identification. After the initial visit, a follow up visit is scheduled at which time you meet with one of our exercise specialists who will instruct you on your exercises and ensure you have a clear understanding of your conditioning program. You may enroll in one of our personal fitness programs or you may elect an independent route in which you carry out the recommended exercise program on your own.