Sport Specific Training

Our bodies use movement patterns to perform all physical tasks from running to swinging a golf club. In many cases, these movement patterns have been learned through the “path of least resistance” method. As seasons change, these patterns may become dysfunctional and although initially pain free, can ultimately result in painful conditions of the joint (arthritis), muscle (trigger points) and/or tendons (tendinitis).

The physical therapists at Precision Therapy are skilled in recognizing biomechanical dysfunctions and identifying the exact origin of your pain. With the use of video analysis and a complete biomechanical evaluation we can pinpoint the dysfunctional mechanics and train your body to optimize its strength and performance. Periodic reevaluation packages are available for those dealing with more chronic conditions.

Having the correct bike fit when cycling is crucial to avoiding overuse injuries and optimizing your efficiency. One inch on your bike could lose you 100 miles on the road. Get your bike fit evaluation scheduled today and receive a customized conditioning routine to help you train and ride to your maximum potential. Click HERE to find out how to avoid common cycling injuries.

Get more time on the mountain and avoid injury next season with just a few simple steps. Let our clinicians test your physical fitness and recommend a customized conditioning program to prepare you for your next ski or snowboarding season.



Running is one of the most basic and enjoyable methods of exercise that we have available to us. It is also one of the most punishing. The physical therapists at Precision Therapy are highly skilled in identifying and treating pain associated with running pattern dysfunctions and overuse injuries. Every program includes a comprehensive evaluation of strength, flexibility and range of motion as well as sport specific test that may include agility or balance (testing). Using video analysis, our clinicians can quickly identify the biomechanical faults in your running cycle and recommend a customized conditioning program to help train your body to perform as efficient and pain free as possible.

Our “Back 9” program starts with a comprehensive evaluation including strength, flexibility and range of motion. We then take a close look at the mechanics of your swing using video analysis. Using all of this information, we identify the biomechanical faults and teach you the exercises that will help improve your flexibility and strength to get you swinging better and more pain free than ever.