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National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month! Click on the link below to learn more about how a physical therapist can help eliminate pain and restore function! Stay tuned all month for health and injury prevention tips!

Avoid Shovelitis of the Spine!


I’m sure you all have heard of the big storm coming our way this evening and into tomorrow. The one thing we may dread more than heading out onto the roads in the morning is the shoveling we have to do beforehand. Shoveling can be strenuous activity and put a lot of stress on the low back and shoulders if not done with proper form. The repetitive bending, lifting and twisting motions are common and an easy way to injury your back, if you are not careful. The following link provides tips for proper shoveling techniques and ways to prevent you from sustaining a potential injury.

Click here to read about how to avoid injury while shoveling snow. 

Managing Your Low Back Pain

Low back pain is common and can have serious effects on your normal daily routine. Low back pain can occur due to overuse, strain, or injury. Sometimes too much sitting in the workplace can have negative effects to the health of the spine. The key to preventing low back pain includes keeping the muscles of the back, stomach and legs strong and flexible.